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Latest Arrivals
Kacha Lankar Rosogolla
Summer Special Sweets

Kathal Sandesh

Green Mango Sandesh

Mango Gelato

Mango Jol Bhora Sandesh

Mango Malai Cham Cham

Mango Rosogolla

Lichur Sandesh
Jamai Sasthi Sweet Naboborsho Sweet
Winter Special Nalen Gurer Misti

Gur Jal Sankha

Nalen Gurer Jol Bhora Sandesh

Gur Sankha

Gur Bati

Nalen Guren Monohora

Nalen Gurer Rasogolla
Bhaiphota Specials
Special Tri Colour Sweets & Mocktails made on the eve of 70th Independence Day
Janmasthami Sweets

Kathal Sandesh


Dahi Bada

Mango Gelato Sandesh

Veg Chowmin

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